All Hail to George – The Gazi Restaurant

Place: The Gazi Restaurant

Address: 2 Exhibition St. Melbourne Vic 3000


Summary Review: For the love of Greek food! This place will give you one of the best restaurant experiences in Melbourne. From the ambience, to food, to service to everything that  a restauranteur, food connesieur or even an ordinary foodie will love.  Much more to say 10/10 in my books and I have had 6 times dining experience here in less than a year. 


Gazi’s terracotta top ceiling

(Before I blab on everything, I would just like to say how gorgeous are those  terracotta decoration in the ceiling!! šŸ™‚ ) 

From the moment the entree arrived and I had my first bite of those Souvas (souvlaki), to the mains and finishing off with decadent desserts …the world just stopped for me.

Gazi is Melbourne’s premier CBD Greek restaurant , run by celebrity chef George Colombaris. This restaurant offers modern Greek cuisine at an affordable price. The ambience is quite relaxed, although there is a strict limit on the dining time due to it’s busy nature especially on a Friday night and weekends (both lunch and dinner).

The food is very delicious, fresh and just refreshing in your palette. Here are some of the entrees

Kataifi prawns


chicken wings with hummus and capsicum dip with relish




Trio of dips




Lamb with pepper sauce



All the entrees above are delicious especially the meat ones, they are so succulent and full of flavour. I recommend the trio of dips, the Kataifi prawns,the lamb chops and chicken wings as a start.

One of the most popular dishes that they have is the Souvas. This is the dish that my friend and I were left speechless the moment we had it.

This picture is not just a pretty one it’s a scrumptious one it’s so delish! Both the duck and soft shell crab. Oh for the love of George, genius!

This is my all time ultimate favorite the soft shell crab souva.  
Lastly, The desserts…

this did left us speechless once again with our first mouthful of those Greek donuts with Nutella inside them. The donuts were light and had a sticky filling as u cut through it, coz of the Nutella. This dessert actually gave me that feeling of a kid licking a spoon of Nutella and ensuring that there was no chocolate left in the spoon. That’s how I felt with this one.

And the other dessert that we had was the popular Bombe Metaxa to share. It said on the menu it’s good for two but trust me it’s good for four to be honest. 

This this it is really sweet, rich and creamy. This is a very much good for people that have sweet tooth because of its very sweet natured due to the meringue. I really like when this one comes on the table in the lit a fire to the meringue, I think it’s really really pretty. As you can see on the photo there was the blue flame on the meringue. 

Overall both deserts  are good but I prefer the least sweeter which is the doughnuts. 

To date I have now dined at Gazi for 6 times now in just less than a year. So that definitely says a lot on how I enjoy the restaurant experience overall. I think everyone should eat there and be happy. 


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